Upcoming Classes

These are classes that we would like to offer are but need at least 6 people interested to hold it. If any class strikes your interest, please let us know along with your availability and we will let you know when there are enough to get it going.

Thriller Group Class

Let’s learn this classic just in time for Halloween. Bring a friend with you and both of you can try it out at your upcoming Halloween Party. Who’s in?

Movie Scene Group Class

Lets learn that cool scene from Dirty Dancing, Pulp Fiction, or Scent of a Woman. Open to suggestions…

Mob Dance Class

Ever seen a flash mob? Imagine a group of you going to a Salsa club and surprising everyone with a choreographed song... like in the movies. One person would begin to dance then others would join in with the same movement leaving everyone to wonder how everyone knew what to do! Yes, the DJ would have to be in on it.

Freestyle Class

As much as we wish that every wedding and social event would have ballroom music to dance to, it’s not always the case. It is usually a mix of music and freestyle dancing. No worries since we like dance to just about anything, but understand there are many of you out there that dread having to dance…especially without holding your partners hands that keep yours from flopping about. This class would be for the very beginner (our wallflowers) that are tired of watching everyone’s coats and purses at the table. Lets learn to move those feet and find a beat so that we can join in the fun. Our last day of class will even cover the dreaded “circle” and what to do when you get pushed in! We’ll start from SCRATCH, and in 4 weeks, conquer our ‘freestyle’ fears!