Party Packages

Looking for something fun, unique, exciting, different, and entertaining to do for your birthday, anniversary, or engagement??? How about taking a dance class! Not just a regular ol’ dance class, something a little special…since it is your special day and all!

“It’s My Party” #

This package allows for a group of your friends to celebrate your special day with you! Great for birthdays, graduations, promotions, you name it! In this package you can invite a group of friends to come together (3-10 people) and enjoy an hour and a half of a private room where you can all meet up, dance, and enjoy! Take the first 15 minutes to wait for your guests, get your name tags (for your instructors’ entertainment of course) and relax. Then join your instructor as they teach all of you an hour of a fun dance class or a fun routine. You pick the dance, we’ll show you the moves. This class does not need to have an even amount of men and women….even though that would be awesome! Also leave with a free gift from us!

  • 1.5 Hours
  • Private Room
  • 3-10 People
  • Dance Class or Routine
  • Free Gift for the Guest of Honor
  • Total Cost: $175

“This Party Is A Poppin” #

This package is for you to have your party and dance class. Great for any special event where you need a cozy venue. We provide a coordinator to assist with your set-up, breakdown, music, plus provide a 1-hour dance class.

  • 4 Hours
  • Private Studio
  • Up to 40 people
  • Dance Class
  • Free Gift for the Guest of Honor
  • Total Cost: $1,250